Administrative Features

KONDESK has unified management of all business subsections and teams in one solution inclusive of the administrative tasks. Businesses with multiple branches get the benefit of handling various branches’ functions. Perform overall permission and access control centrally. Get control of administrative activities and manage with innovative features available in the system.

  • Business settings

    Create branch and manage multiple branches’ operations with a single CRM. Control and limit access to features each branch can have depending upon branch work requirement and services enabled.

  • User settings

    Define and allow access to users based on branch, Job role. Grant access to reports and other features as per the work position and work nature. Temporarily enable/disable the access as per changing requirements.

  • Feature settings

    Authorize permission to use features on Company, Branch, or user level. Manage the access to features in accordance to work needs. Avoid redundant features appearance and usage for efficiency and confidentiality purposes.