Client Account

Designed peculiarly for Education consultants, the client account and invoice function deal with entire fund management. Incorporated essential functions like invoices, payments, refunds and disbursements redefine the traditional way of executing it. Foster the development of customer-provider relationships through delegate services and tremendous support at every step.

  • Facilitates error-free invoicing, disbursement and funds management. It lets business representative proactively handle crucial data.
  • Generate invoice for the service rendered to a registered lead. Keep track of payment status updates.
  • Create different vouchers, Promo codes, and discounts and apply post invoice generation.
  • Request and receive payment from the client.
  • Customer-oriented payment method. Make it easy by offering the customer to make payment against invoice reference number. Minimize the possibilities of payment-related hurdles.
  • Reduce complications and manage all transactions on customers’ behalf with the help of client account function.
  • Disburse payment for the client. Know their priority and execute tasks, saving them time and delivering comfort.
  • Initiate refunds, if applicable.