A collaborative workspace intends to let individuals contribute to the best of their capabilities and bring everybody together as a team and work with agility. Witness increase in employee productivity yet motivation. Employ the system to create tasks, assign tasks and sub-tasks to leverage collaborative working among the team.

Streamline internal and external commutation with seamless integration of work email with the system. Send and receive emails from the system itself without compromising on the data integrity and time utilization.

Task management

Task Management

Proper Management accelerates business efficiency and higher customer satisfaction. Better service delivery demands timely execution of tasks and a structured task management process. Monitor and manage work execution at every stage from start to complete with clear insight to all attributes like assigned tasks, request overdue, Task status, Task priority, reminders.

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Communication integration

Communication Integration

Utilize diverse modes of communications to enhance connection with customers and step towards maximizing customer satisfaction. Gain the ability to record all communications with the customer, which helps you improvise customer service and response time.

Education and immigration companies are ought to communicate with customers or leads daily. Faithful yet cutting-edge integration expedites the task to a great extent offering many avenues of communication in the CRM.

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Our primary aim is to overcome the hurdles that are causing continuous interruptions in coaching workflow and secondary to improvise the overall process by smart solutions.

Benefit from a complete inbuilt coaching management solution. Organize the process by storing coaching, tutor, students, and batch-related details to access whenever required. Create and view batches, their timing, student enrolment, allotted tutor, batch status and modify as per the changes.

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