HR Processes

Possessing all HR management features in CRM software isn't just beneficial for an adequate management perspective but also cost-effectiveness. Streamline HR Administration, overcome employee management hassles, analyse employee performance, Ease leave management, fasten payroll processing and bring flexibility/ convenience to resignation procedure.

  • Streamline employees' attendance and salary calculations with an accurate attendance tracking system. Let your HR executive get rid of tiresome tasks.
  • Proper Leave request and leave approval management. Overcome the practices of using sheets to manage leaves and attendance details and manually sending emails to and fro for approval.
  • Approve extra shift time, late log-in/out requests.
  • Utilize the array of options to optimize payroll procedure, manage employee payroll based upon the attendance intelligence provided by the system.
  • Find the perfect features to optimize the employee resignation procedure seamlessly. Manage Resignation status, approval details, full and final statements, etc.