Collaborative Workspace Taskmanagement

Proper Management accelerates business efficiency and higher customer satisfaction. Better service delivery demands timely execution of tasks and a structured task management process. Monitor and manage work execution at every stage from start to complete with clear insight to all attributes like assigned tasks, request overdue, Task status, Task priority, reminders.

  • Create and assign tasks / sub-tasks to your team members.
  • Attach documents along the task created to provide sufficient information to work with. Missing important information could make one spend more time, probably impact the work efficiency.
  • Avoid break in interactions and facilitate effective communications by adding comments to the task. It is essential when the task has to be transferred to another stakeholder.
  • Monitor work performance and productivity of all employees with report generation feature.
  • Get notified of task creation and task activity such as change of due date, task progress, task status, date extension request with the help of system notification and email notification.