User Management

User management is an essential part of every business solution or software to manage users' access to resources and data. User management is featured with create users, add/modify/delete details, assign roles and permission capabilities. Limit or allow user access based on the work need and look after information integrity practices.

  • Create an employee profile and add necessary details. Upload employee contract in the user profile. Store all information related to the user in one place, modify when required.
  • IP restrictions facility. Give access based on work requirements. Allow users to access, add, edit, or delete information based on the company's desecration.
  • Provision to provide access functions relevant to the job role of employees. Assign or view roles wise or user wise permissions.
  • Store employee's MARA credentials securely in the user profile to use for Vevo check.
  • Utilize Auto email configuration for ID and password configuration/creation. Also, get the feature to customize email signature for the user.